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Welcome To My Blog

I thought blogs were outdated. Hey, maybe outdated isn’t that bad. When I consider my age, which you’re gonna have to guess, I’d like to think that older is wiser. 

Writing has always been a way to best convey my thoughts and communicating on a deeper level. I hope to be friends in a new way via the written word and/or social media if we are not already connected!  

I thank God for all the great failures and successes in my life so far. 

Much of my life has been full of Charlie Brown or I Love Lucy style mishaps and once-in-a-lifetime type adventures that have taken me worldwide. I’ve achieved the pinnacle of snowboarding success. I’m satisfied with my almost 15-year career. Still, my biggest joy is adventuring through life with my husband and my teenage sons.

Actions are louder than words

I’m sharing my writings in a blog, newsletter, and eventually a novel to push myself in ways that I’ve never imagined. I don’t know where they will lead. I could fail miserably, like the time I was asked to speak to an inner city high school of 2000 students after the Olympics. Completely unprepared, I had the audience in tears of laughter, except they were literally laughing at me, not with me.

I get back up with a smile, with the intention of learning and encouraging others.  

I hope you can journey with me as a friend to laugh, share struggles, successes and failures. And in everything, put things into a healthy perspective.

Thank you for spending some time with me by following me on social media and signing up for my newsletter.