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Carving the Way

Below is a gallery of published magazine articles and a few of my own photos that follow the timeline of my snowboarding beginnings from 1988 and beyond.

I was a pioneer in the world of snowboarding, carving the way and shaping the niche for women in snowboarding.

The sport would not be the same without Shannon’s valuable contributions and inspired level of riding which helped propel all riding to new heights.” Colorado Snowboard and Ski Museum

1988 First Days of Snowboarding
1991 My First AD: Heli trip where our guide fell into a 90′ crevasse
1993 Sims Ad
1993 First Girls TWS Magazine Article
1994 First Women’s Pro Model Snowboard: Sims Sunflower S.Dunn
1995 First Burton Women’s Pro Model Snowboard: Burton Dolphin Shannon Dunn
1995 Prom Ad Campaign: One of the first female Snowboard Outerwear lines-created and designed by Shannon and Tina Basich
First Cover of the First Women's Snowboard Magazine
1995 First Cover of First Women’s Snowboard Magazine
1995 Retro Surf
1996 Co-Founder of Boarding for Breast Cancer: Early Detection + Healthy, Active Lifestyle = Best Prevention
1997 Burton Pro Model: Angel Shannon Dunn
1997 Tuesday- Women’s Snowboard Outerwear Brand
1997 Cover of Japanese Snowboard Magazine
1998 Snowboarding’s First Olympics, Bronze Medal Halfpipe, Nagano, Japan
1998 US Snowboard Olympic Team
1998 Snowboarder Magazine
1999 X-Games Mt. Snow
1999Conde Nast Women’s Sports and Fitness Mag.
1999 Italian Snowboard Gracie Magazine
1999 Burton Shannon Dunn Pro Model
2000 Onboard Magazine/Shannon Dunn Burton Pro Model
1999 Article by Shannon Dunn for Wahine Mag. Shannon and Victoria Co-Create The Feelgood Series: First Women’s board series (Burton)
1999 Article written by Shannon Dunn for Wahine Mag
1999 Wahine Magazine
2000 Sports Illustrated
2000 Japan Article by Shannon Dunn “Big Mini”
2001 Handplant Photo by Whitey
2001 TWS Magazine Interview
2001 Launched first ever Women’s Goggle Company, Velvet Eyewear
2001 X-Games Overall Athlete
2001 Hurley Ad
2002 SG Magazine Cover
2002 Japan Magazine
2002 US Olympic Halfpipe Team, Salt Lake City
2002 Sports Spectrum Article
2002 Article written by Shannon Dunn for SG Magazine
2002 First All Girls Photo Event Created By Shannon Dunn
2002 PJ Party Press Release
2003 Europe with Dave and Logan (9months)
2003 Burton Biography Card
2003 Feelgood Burton Board, Designed by Shannon Dunn
2019 Boarding For Breast Cancer Event
2019 Still Having Fun